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With a Keto Delivered subscription, you get to discover a variety of small batch, honest food products each month, along with some great recipes. Don't let your diet get in the way of your passion for food and cooking. Stay motivated, get creative and keep enjoying good food.

Craig Clarke. Co-Founder. Keto cook and blogger.

Being on the ketogenic diet for over 6 years and with a total weight loss of over 80 pounds under his belt, Craig teaches people how to keep their weight under control. Cooking and food is his passion, and he regularly posts recipes to his blog, Craig personally picks and approves all items that go into a Keto Delivered box.


From 280 lbs, now down to 150 lbs, Katie not only lost the weight but has managed to maintain it for over a year, all thanks to Keto. With a background in non-profit and public sector health care, she is always looking for a new challenge and ready to dive right in. Katie is excited to share her love of farmer’s markets and artisan foods with her fellow ketoers! She is also currently pursuing a Master of Public Health.